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Executive Committee Members

President:                Michael Kowald

Snr Vice President: Benjamin Quartermaine 

Jnr Vice President:  

Secretary:                Georgia Kowald

Treasurer:                Georgina Mills 

General Committee Member

Michael Allen

Russell McKay

Sheldon Kowald

Kris Norris

Rowan Nicholson

Reece Nicholson

Sue Green

Kenny Quartermaine

Robyn Quartermaine

James Laurino

John Bride 

Mark Pinney

Brenton Stewart

Kylie Westbrook

Jordan Shepherd

Social Club Members:

 James Laurino, Rowan Nicholson, Reece Nicholson, Elijah Quartermaine

Coaching Staff

D Grade:           Ben Quartermaine

                           (Team Manager)


                         (Team Manager)

Reserves:         Tyron Durack 

                         Georgina Mills (Team Manager)

League:           Mark Pinney

                        John Bride (Team Manager)


KWFC recommends all players hold their own private health insurance and income protection insurance. Insurance provided may not be sufficient to cover costs as a result from on field injuries. Information sessions have been held prior to the start of the season. Should you like information regarding insurance please contact our valued supporters Nexus Risk Services.



Players transferring from another club or applying for a game day permit must complete the transfer/permit form. NB* Clearances will open November 1st. Completed forms need to be returned to the club secretary ASAP. 

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All players must complete the registration process online by following this link. (Not for transfers)


Players who do not give the club permission to use their photograph should please inform the club. Photos may be taken at times throughout the season and used for publicity within club and/ or league. This includes social media, the club website and newspapers. If the club is not informed of this, players may have their photos shared.